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A business valuation is a private, personal and professional exchange of information. We suggest that our clients never work with anyone regarding their business valuation without a signed Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Confidentiality should be understood and foundational during and after the business valuation process.

Information shared during a business valuation often include: Income Statements, Personal and Employee Salaries, Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss Statements, Inventory Asset lists, Debt, Business Growth Trajectory and an assortment of other highly sensitive information. Hopefully, you can see why we strongly suggest the NDA as one of the first steps of having a business valuation for your Raleigh or Wake County business.

Raleigh Business Valuations
Raleigh Business Valuations

Business Valuation Advisors

Our business valuation advisors are committed to the valuation of privately-held companies. They have the experience, knowledge and resources to provide our clients with innovative, accurate and timely business valuations.

The foundation of business valuation understanding is the ability to discern how a business cultivates best practices and deploys its investments in order to drive returns and future earnings. The procedure of business valuations does not follow a single path, but rather many paths that vary by business industry.

Business Valuation Methods

Asset Method

Business valuations Raleigh, NC, 27612

Values the assets of your business minus liabilities. This method includes book value, excess earnings, and asset accumulation methods. These values usually mean very little to the market value of most operating businesses. For the most part, the asset approach does not accurately represent the value of an ongoing business that has positive earnings.

Market Method

Business valuations Raleigh, NC, 27612

Simply defined, this approach is much like a comparative real estate approach. Like businesses in specific industries look for similar valuations. There are databases that we can research to find multiple of gross sales and earnings to compare for your business valuation. This method can be reliable in most cases and is a strong indicator of true value.

Income Method

Business valuations Raleigh, NC, 27612

Your business valuation is set using this method by placing a valuation on the current income stream. The income method is a strong indicator of what a business positive income is worth. The income method assumes that the new owner will maintain the current level of income believing these numbers are a reasonable indication of future earnings.

Motivations For Business Valuations

Two Motivations Of Business Owners

Business owners typically need a business valuation for one of two reasons. Depending on your primary motivation our professional business advisors can assist or refer you. Our primary business valuation expertise and services involves helping business owners creating an exit strategy for their business. 

One of the first steps for either of the two motivations listed below is securing and accurate business valuation.

1. Exit Strategy 

  • Selling Business
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Divestitures and Carve-outs
  • Shareholder Transactions
  • Exit Planning and Consulting

2. Legal and Financial 

  • Gift & Estate Planning
  • Divorce Proceedings
  • Income Tax Valuation
  • Litigation and Expert Testimony Consulting
  • Financing & Loan Qualification Purposes

Raleigh Business Valuations
Raleigh Business Valuations

Six Steps To Business Valuation

Step 1

  Initial Assessment 

A phone call or email to set up a time to discuss your industry, business size and determine if we should move forward with business valuation.

Step 2

 Signed NDA

 Before private business information is shared we like to have an NDA completed. This provides additional protection for our clients.

Step 3

Information Collection 

We require 3-5 years of Corporate Financials, Profit & Loss and business information form for an accurate Raleigh business valuation.

Step 4

 Further Information 

Numbers do not tell the complete story. We listen to discover growth opportunities, goodwill and why you are selling your business. 

Step 5

Business Valuation 

Complete business valuation report is presented to our clients. We walk through the numbers to show owners their current business valuation.

Step 6

Strategic Planning

Many of our clients want to learn the process of a confidential marketing strategy. What are the practical steps of selling a business?

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